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A small price to pay for unrivalled relaxation

As well as traditional Thaimassage, we provide a range of similar massage therapies and treatments. Using a combination of ointments and specialist oils, we create bespoke services tailored to your requirements. However, we also provide some traditional massages that are all competitively priced.

Traditional Thai Massage for the Ultimate in Relaxation

Known in Thailand as Nuad Phaen Boran, our traditional Thai Massage takes between 30 minutes and two hours to complete – you decide on the duration. You will be treated to a series of stretches, joint manipulations and pressure-point massages based on the principles of yoga. This type of massage will be of particular benefit to you if you suffer from shortened muscles. Your muscles will be massaged for heightened relaxation, and attention to certain pressure points will improve the circulation of blood around your body. There is a chance that this treatment will cause a degree of pain during the stretches, but your masseuse will alter the exercises based on your feedback.

30 Minutes    35€
60 Minutes    50€
90 Minutes    80€
120 Minutes  100€

Couples Massage – Share a wonderful experience with the one you love

The Couples Massage is the perfect way for a loving couple to share a relaxing and invigorating experience. We provide a specially adapted room for couples that has been designed to enhance the Thaimassage experience. All of our specialist massages are available to take as a couple, so your partner never has to miss out. Prices shown is complete price for both persons.

30 Minutes  60€
60 Minutes  90€
90 Minutes  150€
120 Minutes  180€

Aroma Oil
30 Minutes  70€
60 Minutes  100€
90 Minutes  160€
120 Minutes  190€

Hot Oil
30 Minutes  80€
60 Minutes  110€
90 Minutes  170€
120 Minutes  200€

Foot Massage – Helping you to get back on your feet

Enjoying regular foot massages is a way of life in Thailand. Many Thais use their lunch breaks for relaxing foot massages, or include them as part of their shopping trips. You will sit in a relaxing lounge chair while one of our expert masseuses uses a combination of aromatic oils and herbal creams to stretch and stroke your feet for an intensely relaxing experience. This is the perfect way to spend a lunch hour, as it revitalises and refreshes – getting you ready for the challenges of the day.

30 Minutes  30€
60 Minutes  50€

Thai Herbal Stamp Massage – For the body and the mind

The Thai Herbal Stamp massage is a combination of oil massage, herbal compress treatments and traditional Thai massage. It is designed to stimulate all the senses simultaneously – creating a soothing and relaxing experience for both mind and body. The herbal creams used reduce inflammation and promote better blood circulation – helping the body to recover from injuries and strains more quickly. The herbal ingredients used also stimulate the body’s metabolism and deliver detoxifying properties. This could be the perfect treatment for you if you’re currently suffering from swollen joints or aching muscles.

30 Minutes 50€
60 Minutes  65€
90 Minutes  95€

Aroma Oil Massage – Relaxation for the senses

An Aroma Oil Massage is a subtle combination of Thai massage and a full, yet gentle body massage. A range of premium oils are used to stimulate both the cardiovascular system and the muscles. Aromatic oils add the to experience to create an ambience of harmony and intense relaxation. This is the ideal treatment if you’re looking for stress remedies or a pleasant way of detoxing. The Aroma Oil Massage boosts your immune system and revitalises every inch of your body.

30 Minutes  40€
60 Minutes  55€
90 Minutes  85€

Hot Oil Massage – Feel the heat with a relaxing massage

The Hot Oil Massage utilises a range of heated and fragranced oils to deliver a massage treatment with a difference. The warm oil gently soothes the skin and stimulates the senses. Choose this treatment if you want to experience a combination of warm, aromatic oils and traditional Thai massage. Your masseuse will further enhance the experience by using a combination of several different oils and creams at the same time.

30 Minutes  40€
60 Minutes  60€
90 Minutes  90€

Hot Stone Massage – Relax in the hands of Mother Nature

Hot Stone Massage involves treatment using volcanic lava stones that are heated to around 40 degrees – just a little higher than body temperature. This treatment begins with the application of heat via the stones, as this relaxes you in readiness for your main massage. Your circulation will be improved, which will enhance the supply of oxygen to every cell in your body. The hot stones are used to apply heat with small, circular motions, which greatly enhances the level of relaxation attained. This is the ideal treatment for you if you’re suffering with headaches, joint pain, back pain or sleeping problems.

60 Minutes  65€
90 Minutes  85€

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